K & R Performance On-Board Air System with Quick Connect

K & R Performance On-Board Air System with Quick Connect

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Replace your existing C02 System with K&R's new Air Pump System & Never Run Out of Air Again!!! 

  • This is the one and only system with 12 years of proven reliability

  • Small enough to mount in battery tray or nose of most dragsters

  • Measures only (10.5"L x 6.5"W x 8"H)

  • Light Weight (Just a couple lbs. heavier than filled C02 System)

  • Controls all your current pneumatics (throttle stops, air shifters, starting line controls, etc.)

  • Low current High psi 12v Air Pump

  • "Self-contained" air reservoir tank with emergency fill valve

  • Moisture petcock drain

  • Adjustable regulator w/gauge for consistent line pressure from 0-100psi

  • Built-in pressure switch cycles pump automatically

  • Large volume pump for fast air up time

  • Quick connect coupler fitting for airing tires-Never carry an air tank again!

  • Supplied Stretch Hose w/ tire chuck

  • Includes mounting hardware, fittings, wiring, & quick disconnect w/valve

  • 1-year warranty