Black Mountain Jeeps

Collins Bros Jeeps in Dallas, Texas has been in the custom Jeep business since 1984 and for the last 30 years they have focused on making an impact on the Jeep community by selling quality products and Jeeps.

In 2007, Collins Bros has launched its very own line of custom off-road parts and accessories under the name of Black Mountain, also stylized as BLKMTN.

From lifts to wheels and bumpers to LED light bars, they have everything to convert your JK into an impressive trail wheeling machine that is sure to turn heads.

We are proud to be a Licenced Dealer in Canada for Black Mountain parts. Check out the catalog below or visit the Black Mountain website at

Come visit our showroom of parts where you can see and touch them for yourself. Please call Jackie or Mike for all pricing – 613-283-7444.

Checkout the full Black Mountain Catalog here!Checkout the full Black Mountain Catalog here!

You can buy Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 kits or you can buy any part separately. We can also ship direct to you across Canada.

Check Out This Black Mountain Jeep Build We Completed For Our Customer!


"Best Garage in the World! I have been coming here for over 12 years and I've never had a problem or complaint.  Excellent, high quality service, helpful, friendly staff and pricing that is fair, reasonable and very competitive for the level of service.  If you live in the region this should be your garage.  Even if you don't live in the area, this should be your garage!  

When it came time to build my Wrangler to improve its off-road performance. I naturally turned to Team Ogilvie!  Jackie, Matt and Mike helped guide me through the process, answering questions and providing advice.  This was way more complex than a simple "bolt-on" conversion, involving a front end axle and differential  (swapped out the stock Dana 30 and open diff for a Dana 44 and ARB Air Locker!  SWEET!!) I couldn't be happier...

If you want to build your Wrangler and I know you do - then these are the folks you should be talking to.  Whether you build to conquer the trail or just to seriously improve your Wrangler's looks to cruise the boulevard, you will be very happy..."

~ Eric ~


Another Successful Black Mountain Jeep Custom Conversion


" What an amazing team at Ogilvie's!! Thank you for an amazing dream come true!"

~Chantal & Nick ~